Amerevo Industrial Park

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Novoryazanskoe highway (M5 “Ural”)
land plots from 0,5 to 20 ha with electricity
125,61 ha

Zoning: settlement land, industry landProperty title: ownershipAuthorized use of property: land plots from 0,5 ha for administrative, trade, warehouse and roadside real-estate objects; for building industrial and administrative-industrial objectsProspective use:
  • developing urban and district infrastructure;
  • creating an administrative-business cluster aimed at the central part of Kolomensky District and the city of Kolomna
  • building a logistic complex providing warehouse space for companies actively participating in the project and developing Kolomensky District;
  • creating various production capacity aimed at prospective development of Kolomensky District

“Amerevo” industrial park is one of the most promising industrial parks in the Moscow area. It is situated on the M5 highway, in 95 km from Moscow Ring Road and 3 km from Kolomna.The industrial park’s location provides indubitable logistics advantages, as well as man-power resources and energetic availability.

“Amerevo” industrial park has a unique location in the central part of Russia. It borders with the federal highway Moscow-Chelyabinsk – M5 “Ural”. M5 “Ural” is a speedway connecting Moscow with Siberia and Kazakhstan, as well as with one of the leading Russian federal industrial districts of Povolzhye and Ural.

“Amerevo” industrial park is managed by a professional managing company “Amerevo Technopark” which ensures acquiring a technical conditions certificate for communication and supply lines, as well as support in coordinating the housing project and getting all the necessary endorsements, timely building, organizing the infrastructure, and further maintenance of the industrial park’s objects in working condition.

Territory engineering support

Technical conditions certificate for communication and supply lines is included into the cost of a land plotTechnical conditions certificate for the plot has been acquired: gas connection (9609 m3/hour) and electricity (6,27 mW).With the purchase of a land plot for building the objects you require, in a specified time frame you get all the communications needed to develop your business:

  • Electricity
  • Power supply can be implemented using following substations: 220 kW “Golutvin”, 110 kW “Mityaevo”, “Diesel”, “Teplovoznaya”, “Kolomna”, “Bochmanovo”.
  • An owner of a land plot obtains 10 kW of electricity per 1 ha free of charge, with the opportunity of further increase up to the capacity required.
  • Water supply
  • The territory of Kolomna municipal region has quite a large quantity of underground artesian springs.
  • There is a centralized water supply system in the villages Sergiyevskiy and Chanki which border upon the plot.
  • Water disposal
  • Gas supply
  • Natural gas supply is possible by the means of existing high pressure gas pipelines laid from the city of Kolomna, as well as “Sergiyevskoye”, “Vozrozhdeniye” and “Peski” gas-distributing stations.
  • Heat supply
  • Natural gas is the main fuel.
  • New boiler rooms are planned to be built, and capacities of existing ones, increased.
  • Roads
  • Security
  • nternet and telephony
  • There are 2092 new phone numbers planned for the central part of the district.

How to get to AmerevoFrom Moscow, the location can be reached:

  • by car via Novoryazanskoe highway (M5)
  • by public transport
  • commuter train (from Kazansky Rail Terminal) to “Khoroshovo” train station
  • commuter bus from Vykhino underground station (Moscow) or from the city of Kolomna