Industrial Land in the Moscow Area

Industrial Land in the Moscow Area or Long-Term Investments

“Green Square Ltd.” is an owner of land plots for various purposes (from settlement land to industrial land) in the vicinities of Moscow, and we have been selling our best land for 16 years already. We do not sell only square meters and hectares: first of all, we offer our clients a quiet life in rural settlements with supply lines, and land plots for industrial purposes for business organization (including those with finished buildings and supply lines). Our land is situated in places provided with a very decent transport availability and qualified work force with a sensible remuneration.

This is also a profitable investment because land plots for industrial purposes or as a country house building site are a highly liquid commodity, one of the very few – those which cannot show depreciation due to its limited application: you cannot produce land and you never lose the necessity for it. Statistics also confirms the fact, stating that land was the investment of choice for the majority of Russians in 2008, a crisis year.

The situation has not changed a lot since then, and last year that kind of immovable property gained third place in popularity in the list of population’s investments.

We sell regular plots intended for private housing construction, as well as industrial land. The former includes production land, land for gas stations, for retail and logistics, as well as small private business (cafes, shops, etc.).

Lease of Premises
Novoryazanskoye highway (M5)
60 rubles/sq m per month
90km from Moscow Ring Road
from 120sq m
Amerevo Industrial Park
Novoryazanskoe highway (M5 “Ural”)
land plots from 0,5 to 20 ha with electricity

“Green Square Ltd.” sells industrial land bordering on federal highways M9 (the “Baltic highway”, Novorizhskoye highway), M10 “Scandinavia/Russia” (Leningrad highway), M1 “Belarus” (Minskoye highway), M4 “Don” (Kashira highway), M5 (Novoryazanskoye highway).

All our land plots have great transport availability and supply lines, which, subsequently, will sufficiently increase the liquidity of this industrial land (even if you do not take those into account, the cost of land squares in the vicinities of Moscow has been increasing by 15% per annum as it is). Purchasing a plot from us, an owner of land, you acquire a legally pure plot of land without any markup or commission fee.

Concluding a contract of purchase of an industrial land plot, “Green Square Ltd.” is responsible for legal purity of the set of documents mandatory for registration in the Office of the Federal Registration Service, transfer of ownership for the land plot and listing the plot in the Single State Register.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we render professional services in production placement in Russia.

Our business is creatingthe best conditions for localizing production or any other enterprise in Moscow.

We provide services of a professional managing company, from choosing a land plot tolaunching production, aiding our clients at each stage, giving them maximum support in all theorganizations and state structures, from designing and preparing for building – to maintainingconstruction and further administrative support.

We offer our clients land plots of industrial purpose for business (including those with finishedbuildings and supply lines) in industrial parks in places provided with great transport availabilityand qualified work force.

You can get all the current information about our industrial land by dialling +7 (495) 137-50-05. He will help you select a land plot or a property complex(buildings and land combined) suiting your needs.